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ARTEGROUND enables international Contemporary Art professional field of cooperation.

The event ARTEGROUND Contemporary Art Festival is an international initiative offering a framework for the contemporary artists for cross-border encounters, collaboration and networking. ARTEGROUND Contemporary Art Festival is an artist-based and artist-driven, and it has emerged from the need to work together and share and exchange experiences on the professional field or contemporary arts and to be part of the international dialogue.Since 2010, ARTEGROUND has produced exhibitions in Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Latvia.

The Arteground Association will hold the next Contemporary Art event in August 2017 in Estonia, in the beautiful medieval town of Viljandi. The event spreads out in addition to the Viljandi city art gallery spaces in the outer space to the streets, parks and cafes.

We present a high level of international contemporary art; paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, video art and environmental art. The duration of the event is one month. We expect international guests mainly from Central Europe, the Baltic and Scandinavia. Arteground Contemporary Art events are free to the public.

Event mesenate can operate: Companies that want to support international contemporary art and achieve positive visibility in The Arteground event.Institutes specializing in promoting contemporary art. Foundations and associations as well as private contemporary art lovers.

We would be happy to provide more information

Mia Waire




Collaboration with

SAKALA KESKUS, Viljandi City Gallery, KONDASEN KESKUS, Viljandi, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Frame Visual Art Finland, Norden. Osuuskunta Multiprofessio, Rietumu Bank Art Gallery,Team's members

Arteground Contemporary Art Festival since 2010