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ARTEGROUND BALTIC 2017: Nature of Culture/Culture of Nature

Viljandi, Estonia 18.8. – 17.9. 2017




For the seventh time Arteground association will organize the Finnish art festival in Viljandi, Estonia. It will be part of an international QQ Viljandi Art Festival held first time in the city of Viljandi.

Arteground Baltic 2017 consists of several exhibitions, workshops, and art happenings.

An exhibition in Viljandi City Gallery is entitled “Nature of Culture” and presents nine different views on the theme: Is there a contradiction between nature and culture? Which one comes first?

There will be an environmental art happening, a workshop, and an exhibition, under the theme “Culture of Nature”. The artists come from Finland and Latvia.

The exhibition “Arteground Veterans” at Kondas center art museum presents all the artists from previous Arteground projects.

There will also be smaller exhibitions, performances and poetry reading during the festival. Even the private homes give a possibility for the small exhibitions under the theme “Arteground goes home”.

Alltogether, Arteground and QQ festivals make possible international artists to meet and collaborate. The exhibitions, performances, music, street art, and movies outside will bring to the city a creative and interesting atmosphere for the visitors to explore.








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